Our Big Data Analytics Offerings

At Fenixwork, our expertise helps clients extract actionable insights from diverse data sets generated in real-time and at a large scale.

We can help you to streamline your data processing pipelines from multiple sources and allows you to structure it.

We can help you analyse the sentiment analysis for your customers and helping you understand user needs

Our expertise in crunching terabytes of data can help you derive meaningful information 

How Fenixwork can help you with Big Data Analytics

Fenixwork has helped clients to perform analysis over terabytes of unstructured data. Our deep expertise in Big Data has helped clients to extract meaningful information. Some of the projects we have worked

  • Analyzing data of All the retail shoppers in the UK
  • Predictive analysis on NYSE Stock data for last 50 Years
  • Processing data for analyzing symptoms to disease correlation for 100K patients

Our case studies

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